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St. Francis Wildlife Rehabilitation, located in southwest Colorado, is a non-profit organization which provides for the care, rehabilitation and eventual release of ill and injured wild birds

St. Francis Wildlife Rehabilitation was started in 2004 after its founder, Pat Jackson, acknowledged an intense interest  in wild birds and animals. This passion led to the creation of St. Francis Wildlife Rehabilitation. In just a few short years, word got out about her efforts and consequently,  the number of animals brought in for treatment and care has steadily increased.

The center is located on 160 acres in southwest Colorado. Much of the property is used for hay production which provides supplemental income for ongoing expenses.  The facility currently has a hospital/health center, flight aviary and waterfowl enclosure that includes a flowing, fresh water stream.

Every year hundreds of native and migratory birds in Colorado are found in need of aid from a variety of mishaps that are both from natural causes but more often, human induced. Without centers such as St. Francis, many of these birds would have no chance at survival. Many are picked up by well-meaning, but untrained people and therefore cared for inappropriately, or worse, being left to die. With expert care given to the animals by qualified rehabilitators, many of them have survived and been released back into the wild. There is a great need for a center such ours and currently St. Francis is the only one of its kind in the area.

How it all began...

Our facility is primarily operated by donations from people who care deeply about wild bird care. We appreciate your support in allowing us to do our work year 'round. Thank you in advance!

St. Francis Wildlife Rehabilitation, located in Arboles, Colorado, is a non-profit organization whose primary focus is the care, rehab and release of injured and ailing wild birds. Founder and Executive Director Pat Jackson is licensed by both the State of Colorado and the US Fish and Wildlife Service as a rehabilitator  

If you have found an injured or sick wild bird please call the center at

St.Francis Wildlife Rehabilitation

Waterfowl enclosure.

 Pat Jackson and avian friend.

Swans and their signets  in Pagosa Springs, CO

Medical assessment of fledgling owl.

Hawk in the flight aviary.

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